To ensure that the animals develop alongside your business.​

In each feed formulation, there is much more than just the finest raw materials combined under a rigorous industrial quality system. There are 40 years of field experience, studying and understanding both the nutritional needs of animals and the profitability fundamentals of our clients. That's why all our products are integrated into Nutritional Programs, which include comprehensive customized advice for your company.  


Technical Training

In addition to providing quality products, we understand the importance of knowing how to manage each system in the best possible way to maximize production. That's why our technical department conducts training sessions tailored to the staff of the establishments who are responsible for the regular handling of the animals.

Analysis Laboratory

At Conecar, we provide a comprehensive analysis service for feed, by-products, forages, hay, silage, water, etc., with the aim of ensuring the highest quality in the diets provided to animals.


Through the application of technology, we achieve greater visibility of the supply chain to optimize resource and labor utilization, improve inventory and shipment accuracy, deliver perfect orders consistently, and respond more rapidly to customer opportunities and market fluctuations.

Technical Assistance

We have a team of professionals providing on-field technical assistance. Addressing the needs of each production system, we conduct diet balancing and tailor formulations to meet specific requirements. We act as consultants by providing recommendations on feeding, infrastructure, and management across various productions.


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